Dear Client

There are some ground rules that are offered to you. Your therapist will be happy to answer any of your questions pertaining to them:

Dr Yaroshevsky accepts OHIP and other Insurance Plans. For the uninsured, the cost is $540.00. The first meeting, a consultation, must be arranged by phone after you have a referral letter from a physician.If you must cancel your scheduled session, it is necessary that you give at least 24 business hours notice. If you miss your appointment without notification, you'll be billed the full fee. If your cancellation is within a shorter than 24 business hrs period of time, every effort will be made to fill your time slot. If no one could use your time because of the short notice, Dr Yaroshevsky will bill you $300.00 ($150.00 - if you are late). OHIP pays only if we both are in Ontario and for the time that you really attend.

There is a risk that at some points in our process you will have to cancel unexpectedly for very legitimate reasons and yet you will still be billed. You need to decide whether you wish to take this risk. In the majority of cases, there will be no waiving of these fees regardless of the reason for your cancellation/lateness.

In any event, we should try to notify each other in case of an inevitable cancellations in the future (i.e.: vacations, business trips, etc.) as long in advance as is possible.

Starting Psychotherapy treatment, it is expected that we will be meeting regularly and that every cancellation of your appointment will be viewed by all of us as a serious interruption in and of our process. We'll do our best not to cancel your appointments.

When our process has to terminate, it will be very important (if not mandatory) that prior to that, we have an opportunity to meet at least once or twice to discuss it and to review our experiences with each other.
In the process of our meetings you may talk about anything you want and the therapist will talk when there will be something to say to interpret what was heard from you. Do not hesitate to express any negative feelings or to criticize the behaviour or opinions of the therapist as it is perceived by you. This feedback is very much appreciated and welcome. The therapist will not be offended by it and will be able to utilize it as an important contribution to the process of therapy.

These are the basic rules. The other negotiations we can conduct as we go.

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