Felix Yaroshevsky

Relational Accounting
Dr. Yaroshevsky thinks that any relationship could be compared with balancing books in business. Fairness and exchange of mutual satisfaction of each other needs. Part 1
Relational Accounting 2
Any relationship could be compared with balancing books in business. Fairness and exchange of mutual satisfaction of each other needs. Part 2

A) the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact;

B) the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning.

Material for Ego

Dr. Yaroshevsky is talking about the process of forming and developing individual ego stracture and parents' role in providing the material/bricks for building the ego.

Punishment vs. Praise

Guilt and shame are the building blocks of the character. We learn early that praise is the reward for "right" behaiviours and punishment is inevitable.

Child Centred Process

Dr. Yaroshevsky is talking about child-centred families which are based on "parentification" where the parents put their child in a position to tell, directly or indirectly, the parents what to do.

Children vs. Parents
Emotional Diapers

Families where the child is not taught to control his emotions. They didn't "toilet trained" the childs ability to regulate behaviour and impulses.

Dos and Don'ts

Dr. Yaroshevsky is encouraging not to "triangulate"; not to talk negatively to the partner about their parents, siblings, family.

I don't Believe in it...

Importance of trust and reliance on the provider of help in psychology therapy.


Dr. Felix Yaroshevsky: Maturity is measured by ability to delay gratification and tolerate ambivalence.

Relational Trinity

Relational trinity: control, trust and distance which create an oposit proportion of the degree of importance of the two of them vs the one.

Relational Trinity 2

When we have complete control – we don't need trust and distance.

7 Umbilical Cords

Dr. Felix Yaroshevsky thinks that independence has different degrees of allowing of the child to move away and obtain selfsufficiency.

Family Conference

All of the family relational processes need to be assessed in a transparent way in presence of every member.

Oedipal "Victory"

Dr. Yaroshevsky thinks that triangle of the child and parents often based on the two of the three of the same sex competing vs. the one of the opposite.

Groundhog Day Paradox

Repetition is contaminated by the previous experience.

Crocodile's Tears

Dr. Yaroshevsky emphasizes that awareness of the sadistic tendencies leads to ability to control these potentials.


Depression as a reaction to loss.


Obsessions – repetitive actions and preocupations.

To be your best – recognise your worst
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